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Used tires gastonia nc : Sullivan tire kingston ma.

Used Tires Gastonia Nc

used tires gastonia nc

    gastonia nc
  • Gastonia is a city in North Carolina, United States. It is the county seat and largest city of Gaston County and also the second largest city of the Charlotte Area, behind Charlotte. The population was 69,904 as of 2008 (35% of the population of Gaston County).

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Gastonia NC April 2010

Gastonia NC April 2010

Gastonia April 23 2010

These are shot with a Pentax 645, 75 MM, on TMAX 400/120, arpeture Priority, D-76,
70 degrees, normal time 8 minutes.

Scanned negative & processed Photo shop Elements 6, trying to duplicate what you might do in a chemical dark room making prints.

Loray Mill, Gastonia NC

Loray Mill, Gastonia NC

I got inside the perimeter of this historic mill today (it was a long story as to how I got in there because it has a security guard and is under lockdown 24/7) and all I had was my iphone with me. I'll post what I was able to shoot in the 30 minutes before I had to leave.

used tires gastonia nc

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