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"Fuck you world" 52 weeks photo 13

"Fuck you world" 52 weeks photo 13

I'm SO sick and tired of the world right now YUK!

There's gonna be a lot of nagging here, so if you don't need that, don't read it ;)

It's like puting effort in things and not getting anything in return.
I got to this point today of stop placing my photos online and stop with my 52 weeks project.
Not that I want to stop doing the project or to stop photographing, just that I realised today that I get a bit frustrated about it.

Maybe it's because of the nagging reactions I had on the welovejeanique project. Don't get me wrong, 'cause I love what they do for me, but I can't stand the negative reactions towards me, like I start a donation for myself, hell no! I would NEVER do such thing for ME!

It really hurted that someone dearly texted me "I don't support the action, so you know" and never replied on my "I don't like this text you give me the feeling I started it myself" it almost felt like I don't deserve it......

Maybe I just reached the point that I need more for my photos. Don't get me wrong, your sweet sweet comments mean A LOT to me, you guys really rock! But I start wondering if I want to keep this going. Noone likes to work for free, and after two years now...well you get me...

And sometimes I get e-mails from "buyers" that want to buy one of my photos and when I give my price they are like "No that's too much" or don't ever reply back to me. Like wtf! If you want a cheap wallpaper go to the Ikea and you can buy loads of massproductions for 50 euro's and find out your grandmother has the same thing in her livingroom. And my prices are not that high! But I guess people that are not 'artist' don't get the point about the ammount of work. They see a photo and don't see the lot of time put into it, the idea etc etc. If I wanted to be a commercial biatch I would sell 200 copies of 1 photo for nothing. But I'm not like that.
It would have been much easier to be a painter, you can count the hours, the materials, the idea et voila you have 1 painting and 1 price.

The thing also is that I don't have business skills at all. I know what I want and don't want. But I don't want to carry arround from door to door "See me, see my work, BUY ME" no. 'Cause my photos are all little pieces of me. I don't want to sell for the money, I want to sell 'cause someone sees something in my work. Sees the effort, sees the idea, the thoughts, me.
I believe that what needs to come comes. If my work is good enough I believe I will get some opportunities, If not, well than I have to find something else to do ;)

Don't worry, I'm in a bad mood for days now, so maybe it's just that and checking my bankaccount didn't help either. ;)
And please don't get me wrong, it's just me being frustrated, and I don't want to sound arrogant, superior or anything! 'Cause it's not that. I'm just a little sad..And frustrated like I said..and it stings that sometimes it feels like I'm dependent...and I don't want to feel dependent....

I need to sleep this over for a week or so..

Minifigures 4 26/03/2011 (a)

Minifigures 4 26/03/2011 (a)


This toy store on the same floor as the LEGO ® store not only sells Minifigs 4 by the box but also Minifigs 3. By the way, the LEGO ® store did not yet have Minifigs 4 available for another week or so.

Originally I was only looking for the missing Hazmat guy (which I've found in like the 10th one). I screened and stashed away more sailors, musketeers, and more Hazmat guys. There were 3 other full boxes on the shelf to check but after some 45 minutes standing there squeezing foil, I was getting tired. Just before I was ready to pay, I realised they were selling them all at $2.99 (Series 3 price) -- whole 30 some cents cheaper than Walmart and the online LEGO ® store!

Hell yeah! Gonna buy the same number I got from Walmart and return 56 packs I bought back to Walmart! So then I grabbed a whole box off the shelf and headed to the cashier thinking the manager would frown upon the idea.

Not only did he welcomed the purchase, he even suggested to grab a brand-new still in carton box from the back to make sure it was completely sealed. $188.37 CAD including tax, plus the 10-11 loose packs I picked up.


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